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Welcome to henna hair dye community.

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Ask questions about henna hair dye applications, what color to choose etc.

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Everyone loves before and after Pictures. Post your pictures here to share with others.

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Got curley hair? Share tips,pictures or ask questions about keeping your curls curley.

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Have you discovered a henna recipe that works wonders? We want to hear about it.

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We will post any new updates here. New products, restocked products. We will keep you up to date

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Post A pic of your hair and we will help you choose a color. Let the community help.

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Do you have damaged hair? Post here to get advice from others that share similar issues.

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Long hair is rare and we love tips and picitures about long hair. Please share how long it took and how you did it.

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Everyone deserves to have beautiful hair. Share ideas and herbal remedies

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