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Apr 6

Blonde henna before/after


Hi, I have gray /white hair. I would love to see the light blonde henna on a before/after picture. Do you have some? Also a full list of ingredients for the light blonde. Thank you!

We do not have any, I have sent out some emails asking those that are using it. I might actually have some, so I am looking through ll of the before and afters we have not posted yet. We are moving the current website and updating the shopping cart. So all will look and feel better. Should be done in a few weeks.

OK One of the people using responded. She did not want to give her before and had a hard time taking the pic her self as she did not want her face in the picture. She has been using the blond henna for years.

Thanks so much for the effort! Her hair looks great! I ordered ash beach brown. I will try to take before/after picture. I might try the blonde in the future.

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