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May 13

Can't cover my gray


I bought the Harvest Moon Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye. I very carefully followed the instructions and my gray refused to be covered. I tried twice, the gray just won't go. Now it has been several months and I want to try again.


Another brand had us add coffee and vinegar. What should I do to yours so that it will cover my gray? It is time to try again but this time I'm asking what else I can add or do that will cover this gray? Thank you!

Hi June, I see you are a first time user, however it should be covering.

Any way you can post a picture?

It is extremely unusual it is not covering. Have you ever used chemical hair dyes prior? and If yes did they work? Some people are "dye-less", if this is the case our dye will not wok either. If yes then our dye should work. Oil treatments and oils are the biggest culprit. Shampoos with oils as well. If you use these prior to the application it will not work as good. Also keep in mind if your hair is darker than the dye color you will not see it. Also are you just doing a small area around the hair line/ front area? if yes then you might need to use a soft brush to scrub the hair prior to the application, as per the beard dye instructions. Let me know and we can get it worked out, it is very rare it does not work. These areas have a tendency to build up from face soaps etc..

What kind of picture do you want? I used hair dye once or twice years ago. I have only used Rainbow Henna until I decided to try yours. I used a clarifying shampoo twice per the directions. As for "scrubbing the hair hair with a small brush", how does one do that? Won't that tear up the hair?


I have very fine hair



Hi June, I have mixed and applied henna thousands of times, and that is with out exaggeration. There is a few things that might be going on. First of all coffee only dilutes the dye it does not help. I have busted every henna myth on the market.

as far as Rainbow, well my mother taught me not to say anything if I don't have anything nice to say.

So in your case something is going on and while it is rare there is that .1%.

here is the top reasons why this happens:


1. You do not have pores in your hair or they are extra small. Pure Henna (red) has tiny spores, indigo had large spores. These spores fill the "pores" in your hair and cover the color, in a cloaking way. I see on the gray you did not get "any" color, red nor brown. So either those hairs have no "pores" or they are dye-less. Seeing the rest of your hair it worked on, than even more baffling. It should not discriminate. .001% of the population is dye-less, meaning not even chemical hair dye will work on them.

2. The hair lines are the one area that gets hit with soaps and makeup removers. This can create a build up and keep the dye from working. Leave in conditioners and oil treatments do the same thing.

3. Leave in conditioners, Oil treatments, hair straighteners can cause adverse reactions or keep it from working.




The solution would be to get a soft brush, like our beard dye brush, and use it with shampoo over the stubborn area. Kind of like brushing your teeth, only you are brushing your hair. If you use Vinegar, you need to also use salt. Mix 1 cup to 1/4 cup of water with 1 teaspoon salt and 1 table spoon of white vinegar. Mix until it dissolves. Use that water to mix with the powder and then apply.


That should fix the problem. If not then more than likely chemical dye will not work either.

Also if that does not work let me know and we can try doing a two step. Using henna first it should turn your hair red (if it does not turn the gray red, then you are absolutely dye-less).

immediately after rinsing the henna out, you then need to mix and apply the indigo. Most will usually get black doing this, those with smaller pores , AKA stubborn grays, will come out brown or dark brown.

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