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Apr 12

Can you pre-mix the paste?

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Once I mix the powder with water, how long will it keep? Can I mix it today and it'll still be good next week or the week after?

The henna you can mix and save for later, I would recommend only using what you need. Pure henna once mixed can last months left out on the shelf if covered, otherwise it will dry up. Do not store henna hair dye in the freezer. Room temperature is best. Pure indigo powder is a different story. it is only good for a few hours after mixing it. Any other henna hair dye colors only mix what you need, after it is mixed it is good for a few hours.


Air and light are henna's worst enemies. So if you leave it in a zip lock, squeeze the air out, powder for or mixed.


Recap: Henna you can mix and store for later. Store in cool dark place, squeeze air out of zip-lock mixed or not mixed.

Pure Indigo is only good for a few hours after being mixed. Mix only what you need. Store leftovers in cool dry place.

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