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Sep 7

Creating a Rich Golden Red-Brown Color


I see & hear about great results with your henna...but I need your help to achieve a natural-looking Rich Golden Red-Brown (like a "nut brown"); to compliment my warm yellow skin tone; and my large red-brown eyes (with gold streaks).


After winning a long difficult battle with Ovarian cancer, my hair is now a dull medium/dark ash-brown, with brassy highlights, and 20% gray (white strands, and a few spots). I need to even the tone & revive the color so I've studied your colors (and your post about color mixing), and found that...

-your Mahogany is too dark (for my skin tone & age)

-your Brown is too cool (for me)

-your Light Brown is too light for my darker roots

-your Copper top is way to bold/vibrant (for me)

-And I do NOT want vibrant red/orange roots or strands!


I wish you had a deep Chestnut color that I could add a little red into...

Please help (at your convenience of course)! THANKS!!!





Related questions:

1) Will mixing the Mahogany with Light brown result in a "lighter" Mahogany?

2) How could I achieve the models color above, at the top of this thread "Henna Hair Dye Questions" (a brownish-auburn)?


Congratulations with winning your battle! I do not see any of the pictures you speak of, it does not look like they posted. You certainly did your homework. Our natural colors can be tricky to match in this case and seeing a picture of your hair and the hair color you want would be very helpful. From what you have described it does in fact sound like the mahogany and light brown mixed would be a great color. The more light brown you add the lighter it will be however the ash brown will also be a good combination. Make sure you stay away from oils and shampoos heavy in oil as this can strip the browns. I have also learned baby shampoo causes issues with the ash brown as well as Dr boners and V05. Reading the ingredients helps and many shampoos do contain oils. Since our dyes do not contain chemicals it may not be the exact color you want, but you want it dark enough to create even coverage, so the color you use will need to be as dark as your darkest shade. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the congrats, your kindly rapid assistance, and supplemental advice & cautions; all are sincerely appreciated! I will try the Light brown & Mahogany recipe you recommend (as soon as I finish this bottle of my favorite shampoo which contains Jamaican black castor oil). This will be a new hair adventure for me, and I'm looking forward to tweaking the results as needed and as seasons change! Thanks again!

Thanks, yes I've read your & her post about removing oils (from all products). I just need to finish the bottle so I wont forget, or be tempted to use it again after I henna! (it saved my scalp during/after cancer, so I"m attached to it; and must consciously wean myself off). It has served it's purpose well, and now I look forward to this new henna Journey and further restoration of my precious hair!

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Oh you mean this picture: So I would do a mahogany light brown mix, you can try a 50/50 mix (one table spoon of mahogany, one table spoon of light brown), and do a strand test and see how it turns out following the instructions. The color in this picture is a auburn color, which is basically copper brown, however on white and light colored hair copper will be more red. So you might be able to get away with ash brown and copper mixed as well.


Yes, that the photo I was referring to... I love her color BUT I need to go a bit browner since my ash brown hair really soaks up the orange, too much. My salon experience (and fear) with copper is the growing white spots at my temples & sideburns glow bright orange. I had better results with medium Mahogany with a touch of red and/or copper mixed in; then faded into the perfect lighter shade, very similar to the above pic without becoming too orange.

Thanks again for the great consult... With your expertise this is already becoming more fun, rather than stressful!! Blessings to you/yours!

PS: I'll send before & after pics when I get started!

Just use less light brown to keep it darker. Keep in mind we do not use chemicals so keep notes and when you get what you want then focus on the roots as they grow in (using a application brush).

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