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Oct 21

Gray hair/indigo


Edited: Oct 21

i used a henna and indigo from another company which has terrible customer service by the way, it made my hair super dark just about black, so now my gray roots are coming in and I’d like To get rid of the black or at least lighten it so that I can use your product to make it all even. I don’t want to have black hair with bright orange roots how can I stripped the indigo from my hair naturally?


Henna and indigo = black. This is doing the two step process. Henna first and then indigo second. If you want brown hair do the stripping technique I sent on the other post and just go with brown. You can mix any of the colors to create new colors.

, I’ll try that technique you posted. My hair did actually turn black from the one step process. I did add more indigo then Hanah but my gosh it is dark

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