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Jul 29

Light brown henna turns red


I have dark blond to light brown hair. I used your light brown henna and everyone comments about my red hair. I’m wondering if adding ash blond would help or will I still have the red issue?

Any suggestions?


Hi Diane, is your order under your name? I can't seem to find it.


Ash blond will not have any red. BUT the light brown should have not had any either.

So we need to figure out why and whats going on.  Although I have not had anyone get reds with Ash.

Over the last year maybe 2 pull have reds out of the light brown.

Shampoos can effect it, baby shampoo VO5....

with millions of shampoos on the market it is hard to tell, but usually they will not interfere. Grand pas pine soap will turn strawberry red golden blond.

So I would try the ash and change shampoo up.

i ordered with a friend so it was under her name. Her hair has got much less natural color left and her color was very orange. I’m hoping the ash blond will take some of the red out? My shampoos are all natural from Moroccan method.

I ordered the ash blond. It seems to have taken some of the red out. However, it didn’t cover the light area around my face. Did this a week ago. Did a reapplication around my face again today. Still did not cover the gray/light area.

@Diane Wipperfurth When you say light, what color do you mean? Some times the hair line ( face area of hair) will get build up from makeup removers or soap. A soft brush and shampoo should help, also you can rinse that area with apple vinegar then rinse it out after 3 minutes and try it again. if the hair is darker than the dye, it will not be visible.

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Could I get your friends name so I can look up the order?


Orange is normal when you rinse it out but will darken over night. If it strips out something is not right. We sell thousands of packs of light brown and Harvest Moon Light brown is very much a chestnut color light brown. Also here is a list of do no do's :


It should yes. I have customers switching from other brands to the light brown because of the red and ours is getting it gone the first attempt. Something is stripping it down to red. Leave in oils are especially bad for this and leave in conditioners some gels as well. Some peoples hair is not as absorbent and you might need to use some apple cider vinegar. Ash should certainly do the trick.


Many products will strip even chemical hair dye and leave you with a brassy orange color.

Here is a post a customer just left that might help you, she went an extra step using our product, but her hair is gorgeous and last a very long time!


Keep in mind our 3.3 out of 5 rating is due to the ex owner (ex wife) not shipping product people ordered, I got the company back a year ago and straightened it all out and then Facebook changed the rating system to recommends instead of stars, so it is stuck on 3.3


Here is what Vanessa does and her hair is super gorgeous and grows in gray it will work with any of the colors:




Vanessa M. Meyer recommends Henna Hut.

10 hrs ·

Awesome product- I’ve been using this henna on my hair since 2014. Very high quality and easy to use. I have dark brown hair- I mix burgundy and mahogany and the color is gorgeous and I only have to do my roots, once a month. Nobody believes that it’s henna.

This is my prep: -boil water and shut off before shower -mix powders -wash hair 2x w/shampoo -wash with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and let sit for 3 min, rinse out -mix hot water with powders -use application brush from to apply and let sit for 1 hour -rinse till clear -I do not wash my hair for 2 days after. This helps the darker pigment set and my hair oils to further recoup.


Vanessa Meyer







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