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Sep 19

Salt & Pepper


I have short neckline hair cut. Hair is grey (salt) color on top of head down to top of ears. Rest of hair color is salt & pepper; more pepper than salt. I've had chemical dye on top to add more pepper; trying to blend top of hair color to the natural bottom hair color. Wondering if there's a color for a natural looking salt & pepper color.

Thank you!

Hi, We do have a soft black, however, it is lighter on white hair, and is darker on "gray" hair. We also have several other ways to make black. Many are mixing our dark brown henna hair dye with pure indigo powder. The more indigo powder you add to the dark brown the darker the black. We also have a two-step black, which is a very dark black, but the dark brown/indigo is much easier and works very well. You have to learn how your hair will react to the color as far as dark goes, then focus on the roots as they come in. So, in the beginning, I would do the top and blend it down (feathering it using an application brush if you want some of the salt and pepper look) , or you can just do your entire head to make it even and it will cover the salt look and it should blend fine.

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