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Aug 13

Uneven colors


I am a 40 yrs old man with naturally jet black hairs. My gray hairs are more like bright white colored.


I used the 2 step process - henna followed by indigo. The results that I acheived were completely unexpected.


I have gray hairs on my temple, at the front and top of my head. After first step (the henna step), I acheived following colors:

Top: red

Front: red

Temple: no color change.


After indigo step the colors turned to:

Top: Jet black

Front: brownish

Temple: light grayish.


I followed all the instructions. I applied henna and indigo both for 1.5 hours.


Few days later front and temple hairs turned lighter in color. Top remained jet black.


Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

Hi Amit, there could be a few things going on. But I am very sure we can fix it. This first thing I have to ask is what shampoo are you using and are you putting anything in your hair? Oil, gels, grease, leave in conditioners? Even if it has been weeks since oils it could be a big difference. Another thing to remember is it will get darker over night, however I see you purchased back in June, so I am assuming it has been 24 hours since you rinsed it out. If not, another thing you need to look at is the shampoo you used prior to application, however what you just described sounds like you have used oils in the past, or something that is left in the hair all day. If you shampoo has oils or exotic ingredients it can sometimes cause issues. Let me know if any of that is the case and we can move forward with trouble shooting.



I do not put anything in my hair (oil, gel, grease etc.). I use Head and Shoulder 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. I used the same shampoo to clean my hair before applying henna.



More than likely the head and shoulders is effecting it. it is loaded with sodium and other chemicals. You probably just need a sulfate free shampoo and that will help control dandruff, and the dyes you are using. In your case you might want to do a apple cider vinegar rinse, then rinse it out after 3 minutes. Then apply the dye again. The indigo is not adhering for some reason, so use indigo only this time. That should fix it. Sideburns you need to follow the beard dye instructions and you can also use the apple vinegar. Make sure the hair is covered very well.

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