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Oct 21

What does your mahogany Henna look like on gray hair?


My hair is 95% gray I want to do your mahogany henna what do you think it will turn out?

I actually purchased your mahogany off of Amazon I don’t mind the dark brown with some red in it it be nice to have it all even

I would have to see it to be certain, it all depends if you are gray, or if it is white. White will show more red. Gray less red. And after you do it just maintain the roots with an application brush, so the entire head does not get darker and darker.

What about using the oops product to help remove it?

@veecolantonio71 seems some people are using color oops, but it works over a long period of time (some faster than others) and not sure how good that would be for your hair, I am not familiar with the ingredients.

I have a question, I read the directions about the baking soda in the water. When I do the baking soda in the water do I let it sit in my hair unrinsed overnight? Or do I rinse it out and just not shampoo?

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I emailed you, no I didn’t use vinegar, I read the back of the package and followed the instructions, I did it days ago and it’s not getting any darker it’s been about four days now

I was out of town sorry, I got all 5 emails and responded.

No I didn’t I didn’t do the baking soda either, I went ahead and did the henna because I assumed it would be brown, I never thought my grays turned orange. I don’t have the time to do the two step process that’s why I purchased your blend, so what are you going to do? Refund? New henna in dark brown? You saw the pics, I want this to work out

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  • Does your product undergo third party testing for heavy metals, pesticides, etc? If so, could we see results if we wish to purchase? Also, where are the ingredients sourced from? Thanks!
  • i used a henna and indigo from another company which has terrible customer service by the way, it made my hair super dark just about black, so now my gray roots are coming in and I’d like To get rid of the black or at least lighten it so that I can use your product to make it all even. I don’t want to have black hair with bright orange roots how can I stripped the indigo from my hair naturally?
  • I see that alcohol is a culprit in turning henna purple. Is this only when mixing and letting it sit on your beard? Or is this even after the henna has dried and been rinsed out? Like say the next day you shave and use an alcohol based aftershave? Basically, how long after application and rinsing out can alcohol affect the dye?

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