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Sep 18

Will leaving "Copper Brown" on > 2 hrs to take advantage of the straightening effects result in a more red color, esp on wht/gry roots?


This is the first time I have used Harvest Moon Hair & Beard Dye (the color I used was Copper Top, based on your recommendation.) I followed the directions carefully. My white roots were not the least bit colored, not even tinted. The previous brand I used (just the Henna, Rajasthani Twilight) required lemon juice and a much longer application time, but the white roots would emerge copper tinted. What else can I do to achieve that desired effect? I have 4 Copper Top packs remaining. Thank you.

Sep 23Edited: Sep 23

If the other brand was working then why would you switch? Something is going on as copper is a color I have not had any issues with. Hair, the lemon is used for tattoos, not doing your hair. That is a rookie mistake. The harder you have to work for the dye to release the older the henna, or it is henna that is harvested more than twice in a year (china does this). Here is a trouble shooting guide for you : Something is going on as copper is a color I have not had any issues with. As I said in our previous email if you are not happy, just send back the rest and we will give you a full refund.

I switched because I was intrigued by a henna product that did not have an 8-12 hour dye release waiting period and also had a short application (on your head) time. It's also just good to know what other products are out there. I use a shampoo to manage resistant dandruff, it's got 2.5% Coal Tar Topical Solution. I used it right before applying your Copper Top because it gets my hair very clean. I realize this shampoo has a main ingredient of sodium laureth sulfate so I don't use it until right before it's time to henna again, every 4-6 weeks. Could the Coal Tar be responsible for the lack of copper color on new growth white roots?

Absolutely. Sulfates are OK, and should not effect it, tar will absolutely effect it as well as other dandruff shampoos. We have tested over 200 makes of henna and stick with the best vendors in India. Shampoos are the biggest issues when people have problems.


Liza Leano :


I mixed one package of Copper Top powder with a 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar (so it doesn't dry out and become crumbly on your head so fast, makes the paste texture smooth) and 2 teaspoons of ginger powder (to reduce the hay smell) and enough warm tap water to make the paste the consistency of thick yogurt. I applied it to damp, thick squeaky clean, coarse, porous, collar bone length, naturally soft black/very dark brown hair with 2%-5% gray (actually white) hair peppered through my head.

I have always added a little ground ginger powder and powdered sugar to my pure henna paste to help with the odor and keep the paste from becoming crumbly and dry while on my head. I didn't think these small additions would affect dye release. The 2.5% Coal Tar Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo never seemed to have a negative effect on my previous henna coloring experiences. 

The major difference is this time, your product is a mix of henna and indigo, not just pure henna. You had advised me to use the Copper Top color to achieve copper highlights on my incoming grays (actually whites). Perhaps the mix of indigo complicates the color adhesion on the white hairs?


Rodney :

If you have dark brown/black hair copper will not show up so much and no other ingredients are required. It will not dry up because one hour is recommended. You can even use a misting bottle to mist it if you keep it on longer and keep it most.

In your case with dark hair, the natural pure henna would absolutely bring out red high lights on the gray/white, copper will make browns darker and not be very visible.

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